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Dear Neighbors,
You are invited to Work and Party to celebrate the coming of Summer, the summer Solstice, June 20, 2015, where Berteau ends at the River. We will work from 9:00 - 12:00 a.m. weeding and installing new steps down to the river at Berteau Street. Then we will reconvene, dressed in finery, bearing food and drink, song and story, love and news to share with the community. Bring your own chair and table setting for this lovely picnic. You may have noticed that our riverbank is looking spectacularly beautiful. Yet there is much work to do. We need you, your kids, and your grandkids to help, to become knowledgeable about the plants and ecology of the riverbank. Please, join us!

We also need your help to protect what we have done from vandals and fly-dumpers. No dumping of any sort is allowed on the river bank (except with the express consent of the site managers, Riverbank Neighbors). All yard waste, trimmings and prunings and branches should be put out for the garbage truck if you don't have a way to reuse them. If you have tree trunks or branches that you think could be used by the river, contact us at 773-463-8968. It is illegal to dump ANYTHING by the river bank. Dumping leads to more dumping and destruction of riverbank plantings. If you see illegal activities on the riverbank, call 911 immediately. If you see graffiti, call us and we will paint over it. Report pollution or fish kills on the river by going to MWRD Pollution Hot Line at http://gispub.mwrd.org/incidentreporting/

Upcoming workdays and events:
Saturday July 18, 9-12:00;
Sunday August 16, 10 - 1:00

Watch this webpage for additional workdays and possible changes, or subscribe to the MailChimp list to get email announcements.

All workdays meet at Berteau and the river unless otherwise noted.


Please Donate to Support our Work!
Our group's longtime fiscal sponsor is Friends of the Chicago River, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible. Please make your checks payable to Friends of the Chicago River with a notation that the money is for Riverbank Neighbors projects. Mail your checks to:

Friends of the Chicago River
411 S. Wells Street, #800
Chicago, IL 60607

In a rush? You can now donate online!
Click the DONATE TO FRIENDS fish button below to be taken to Friends' donation page.  Once there, scroll down and check the Non-Member Donation Only box, then select "In Honor Of" from the "Gift specifics" pulldown, and put "Riverbank Neighbors" in the Last Name field.  Don't see the fish button? Just Click here instead.

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Thank you for your support!



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