We invite you to donate to support Riverbank Neighbors.


Our group's longtime fiscal sponsor is Friends of the Chicago River, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.

Riverbank Neighbors funds are used only for materials (hoses, sprinklers, fencing), food for after-workday lunches. Curently, Riverbank Neighbors is 100% volunteer. Pur workers and organizers are unpaid and only compensated occasionally with food and always with joy.

To donate to Riverbank Neighbors through The Friends of the Chicago River:

Click here , then skip down to find and check the "Non-Member Donation Only" box

Please put "Riverbank Neighbors" under "in honor of"  under "gift specifics"

or by mail:

Please make your checks payable to Friends of the Chicago River with

a notation that the money is for Riverbank Neighbors projects.


This is the address for the envelope:

Friends of the Chicago River  411 S. Wells Street, #800  Chicago, IL 60607

Please consider also making a separate donation to Friends of the Chicago River to thank and support them!


Thank you for helping us to raise funds to continue this work.