Riverbank Neighbors is a community-led organization.

Friends of the Chicago River is our fiscal agent, meaning that donations are tax-deductible.

The riverbank in our urban neighborhood has been tranformed for our work, since 1994. The ancient ecosystem was all but wiped out on our land, but now the river path offers a view of natural beauty very rare.. Our community leaders are stewards of the ecosystem, with deep ties to the North Branch Restoration Project. We gather seeds of precious, rare plants, spread them in nuturing areas, and keep the weeds away. Workdays include maintaining the paths as education and work centered aroud maintaining this example of our ancient native Chicago ecosystem.

Many people have helped to create and maintain this 1/4 mile stretch of the Chicago Riverbank.

The children of nearby, Waters Elementary, through the Mighty Acorn program with Ecology teacher, Pete Leki, have visited the riverbank here as part of their studies.

Countless volunteer groups have assisted in these efforts. Many many people have contributed to the beauty and we thank all of them.

We seek kindred spirits, who like to garden, rebuild steps, or gather seeds and learn the nuances of the ecosystem.

We invite artists, students, and community of all ages to come to our events, find a place for themselves in the project.

Check the calendar to join our riverdays and other events.