Great Work!

Hello Dear Riverbank Friends,
We did it! A high powered crew of 16 spread the small mountain of smoking wood chips Sunday, laying a lovely soft layer of new chips over the paths from (south of) Berteau all the way north of Hutchinson.  We had a cheerful fire going all the time, weeded and seeded, talked to folks and ended with pizza, pumpkin pie, and …. cole slaw. Delicious. 

Who Ate that Log??
A couple weeks ago, old friend Jeff S, the well known birder, emailed me a photo of a big willow branch that came down, blocking the lower path by Cullom.  I went over with the chainsaw and took it apart. I ended up with two bigger logs, too big for me to lift. So I nestled them next to the split rail fence. At the next workday, I asked David and Stenn to haul them up to use as path borders on the upper path. They hauled the first and said they didn’t see another. I figured someone else had taken it for some reason. We walked down, and I spotted it. It had been dragged some 20 yards towards the river, and rested there. It was all chewed up like a pretzel, big chunks chewed out of it. The beaver had apparently hauled it away for some construction purpose, or to ease a toothache. Willow’s genus name is Salix, and its cambium is rich in salicylic acid, the working ingredient of aspirin. The funny thing is that it looked as though the log didn’t fit under the lower rail of the split rail fence, so the beaver cut the fence! Such industriousness. We left it there for her.

Take a Break and Donate!
We have been working every week for the past few months and we are in good shape for the Winter. I suggest we take a break until the Winter Solstice, when we meet at Berteau with fires to celebrate the “beginning of the end” of Winter, with food, beverage, songs,  orations, and donations to support our work!
We have been fueled by pizza for the past few months. You can pitch in, in cash, at the event, or send a tax deductible donation to Friends of the Chicago River / Riverbank Neighbors.

5th Wave Collective: Leonarda Remix
This from Rebecca:

I’m writing to invite you (I discussed it with Pete, but all are welcome!) to an upcoming concert that I’m part of. I am a member of an ensemble called 5th Wave Collective, who performs music by women and gender-nonconforming people from throughout history. On Saturday, November 19, at Heaven Gallery, we will share our latest program, titled Leonarda Remix. We’ll be presenting brand new arrangements of Isabella Leonarda’s Twelve Sonatas (composed in 1683), arranged by one of our members. The piece was originally written for violin, cello, and harpsichord; our new arrangements will be for many different instruments, and one arrangement will be chosen by the audience! I think it’s going to be a really fun show. 

More information is in the newsletter below, and at this link:
RSVP is encouraged
$10 suggested donations at the door will benefit both 5th Wave and our host, Heaven Gallery. 
We would love to see you there! 
Take care and thanks for considering,
Rebecca McDaniel

Prescribed Burn Training : If you’ve never been involved, check it out. It is an amazing learning experience, and a spiritual journey, helping to sustain the native plant community. This will happen early in 2023.

Riverbank Stewards

Reminder: Chips the Paths tomorrow!

Dear Neighborhood Friends,
Just a reminder that we have a mountain of wood chips to move tomorrow. Bundle up, gloves and shovel, any food or music surprises. We start at 9:00, and just see hoe things go. At mid-day we can order some pizzas and put together a table with food and drinks. We will do what we can.
Anyone that can come a few minutes early to help bring wheel barrows and tools…..
See you in the morning,

Chip the Paths!

Dear River Friends,
We scored a big pile of woodchips through the help of our friends at NeighborSpace, and Juvi, our tree trimming friend.  
This is our chance to get the paths newly covered with fresh chips, to make traverse better and safer all through the winter. We will be working this Sunday, November 13, 2022, starting at Berteau and the River. Bring wheel barrows, gloves, shovels and rakes. (We will supply all these things as well).
At mid-day we will share food, and then get back to it. Arrive when you can, and stay as long as you like. It is a good family activity. Join us in the joyous opportunity to work, laugh, meet, talk, eat, and deepen our friendships.
Riverbank Neighbor Stewards

Blustery Day Beckons Us to the River

Hold on to your hat!. The winds are a-blowin’ in a most blustery fall way. See Robert Frost’s poem at the bottom.
We will meet tomorrow, at the river. We don’t exactly what to do. We are waiting for a delivery of wood chips to refresh the paths before winter. When they come we will need ALL HANDS ON WHEELBARROWS. 
Tomorrow we can decide what to do. Trail maintenance, sowing se3eds, repairing fencing. 
Join us at 10, at Berteau and the river,
Happy Birthday to Jules, long time river steward,
and my pa, Janusz, born on Nov. 5, 1918, long time ago. 
Hope to see you all tomorrow, 


(and the Riverbank Stewards)