Special Sunday event and other news

1- Please forward this to your neighbors! When people do this, new neighbors come to our workdays telling us that’s how they learned of our community events. Join our newsletter email list here so you stay connected. Our list has hundreds of people.

2-Sunday, June 25th, -Riverbank Neighbors hosts our weekly event, with a twist: – Lincoln Square Kidical Mass at Waters Elementary, 4540 N Campbell |  Facebook event  Start at Waters, visit Montrose Metra Garden, land at Riverbank Neighbors by Berteau and shoot some hoops, explore the river path, adjourn to the patio at Burning Bush Brewery for root beer, beer, and pizza! – so Riverbank Neighbors will join the ride, host a tour of the riverbank, and join in the fun! a different stewardship day for welcoming new families to the riverbank and enjoying the beauty of nature and bikes!

3- Join the 47th and 49th Ward Green Councils for a Townhall Event
with Alder Hadden, Chair of Chicago City Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection and Energy. 
Tues, June 27th More details and RSVP

4- A special opportunity to support a neighbor doing fantastic work in nature building skills and leadership with youth.- Andrea Knepper of Chicago Adventure Therapy

5- More Green Council upcoming Events are here on our calendar. Including Eco-Fest!

6- Please support Riverbank Neighbors-

  • Share our news with your neighbors. mention it. forward it. invite them on a walk by the river…
  • Thank the people who are tending the river. They are your neighbors.
  • Please send a quick reply of support if thats how you feel. Yesterday a man walking the riverpath doubled back to do so. That news was shared with others. That was lovely. It happens often, but really the silence from some people is difficult. It’s the city, we know, but mostly we know our neighbors here and saying hello is how a community starts.
  • Donate through our website and our fiscal agent/partner org Friends of the Chicago River. Join them and thank them for their work too.

Fathers Day in community

Dear neighbors, we wish you all a Good Father’s Day.

Whether you are one or you had one or if you didn’t…

and since gender is a construct, lets thank everyone who cares for, protects, and nurtures.

It’s not only children who benefit from the support/nurturing of Fathers/Parents.

So, today, we share our hope that you all are cared for, are encouraged,

that you all have people close to you whose love for you goes deep and is patient,

and that healing and joy comes to you today.

Our gratitude to all of you who give your heart to fatherhood and parenthood,

especially for those of you struggling. Lets take a moment to reach out to thank each other,

to show our gratitude, and to consider those around us who we could show up for.

Our gratitude to you. We hope you have a peaceful and joyful day.

and.. today we’ll be along the river path, seed gathering, gooseberry picking (and eating!)

red currants too!.. and some work, of course. Kids play while neighbors chat and welcome newcomers. 12-2 somewhere between Berteau and Pensacola.. and sometimes we share food.. perhaps make pizza.. or falafel share a watermelon.. or .. today we may ride bikes to the lake later in the afternoon and jump in!

Happy Solstice! Happy Fathers Day! if you are free, we hope you might take a stroll by the riverbank and say hello!

image of green leaves and small violet flowers with yellow center, an illinois native: blue-eyed grass

photo by Jeremy Atherton. Blue-eyed grass, a precious illinois native species.

this is what was there before the asphalt came to Chicago.

this is what we do.

hope to see you at the riverbank!