Join us for a celebration of community stewards this Saturday!

Celebrating Community Stewards
Join Riverbank Neighbors and the 47th Ward Green Council in celebrating and thanking the stewards of the natural land in our area, who have created rich, beautiful, and healthy ecosystems, and the communities that tend and formed around these gardens. There will be films, and photos, children’s performances, songs, and coffee, heartfelt testimonials, and invitations to join the organizations working to protect our planet and all living creatures.

Invitation to Rsvp for Saturday

We hope Riverbank Neighbors, past and present will join us Saturday morning.
rsvp here.

remember when we gathered rain and filtered and bottled it for celebrations?
remember when we put our worries and hurts in a little boat and let it float away down the river?

do you remember when we burned the prairie to make way for spring?
or we redirected the toxic spray trucks
or loved the sky?

people gather to the ancient trees
people gather to the river
people find friendship in the work
not donations, but actual toil on the land with their children
people form community

healing.  vision. perspective.  hope.
gather if you can. Saturday at the library. open space for community.
piano. song.  old and new friends.
people of the land.

Many of you know that, in recent years, many organizations have started adopting the Land Acknowledgement.
Riverbank Neighbors and other stewardship groups have done this.
Join us to speak the Land Acknowledgement and invite all to integrate it into their lives,
join us to witness the pledge to care for (steward) the planet for our children.

Join us to recognize many individuals who have given of themselves, 
working to rebuild soils, nurture native seeds, and steward the land and community.

We hope you can join us.
rsvp here.
thank you.

Mild Winter Stewardship day Tomorrow!

Hello Mid winter friends,
Looks like “mild” weather Sunday, and a perfect time to cut brush that is encroaching on our plant communities. We will be at Berteau Street, with a fire going to burn the twigs, and roast hot dogs and those sweet white things, in case you have little ones in tow. Also a chance to chat and check in on each other.
Below is the latest version of the “pre-invite” for the event we hope to hold on the 28th. Let us know if you can come on Sunday.

Hope you are well and keeping warm, that your spirits are up and your soul is whole..
I am writing you with a “pre-invitation” and asking you to pencil in the date: Saturday, January 28, 10:00 – 1:00.
On this date Riverbank Neighbors , Waterscology, and the 47th Ward Green Council plan on  hosting a symposium? celebration? (we’ve not yet exactly decided what to call it) at Sulzer Regional Library. The theme will be “Looking back, Looking Forwards” at 30 years of Community and Natural Area Restoration. We will be honoring key people and organizations who have made  powerful and  beautiful restored places possible with their energy, knowledge and creativity., including you. Your contributions have been immense and little recognized.  
We would love for you to attend this gathering, and publicly accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. 
There will be a gallery of photos, news articles, flyers, and memorabilia. Videos will be playing. There will be songs and a performance of the Legend of Snake and Turtle by our young children. 
The formal program will be from 11:00 until noon. During the other times people will visit the galleries and displays, visit with each other, and enjoy coffee and tea. If you can visit at anytime from 10-1:00, we will take a few minutes to introduce you and honor you. 
Please let us know if you can make it. We’ll be sending out evites, soon.
Pete  (for the Planning Committee)