Invitation to Rsvp for Saturday

We hope Riverbank Neighbors, past and present will join us Saturday morning.
rsvp here.

remember when we gathered rain and filtered and bottled it for celebrations?
remember when we put our worries and hurts in a little boat and let it float away down the river?

do you remember when we burned the prairie to make way for spring?
or we redirected the toxic spray trucks
or loved the sky?

people gather to the ancient trees
people gather to the river
people find friendship in the work
not donations, but actual toil on the land with their children
people form community

healing.  vision. perspective.  hope.
gather if you can. Saturday at the library. open space for community.
piano. song.  old and new friends.
people of the land.

Many of you know that, in recent years, many organizations have started adopting the Land Acknowledgement.
Riverbank Neighbors and other stewardship groups have done this.
Join us to speak the Land Acknowledgement and invite all to integrate it into their lives,
join us to witness the pledge to care for (steward) the planet for our children.

Join us to recognize many individuals who have given of themselves, 
working to rebuild soils, nurture native seeds, and steward the land and community.

We hope you can join us.
rsvp here.
thank you.