Voices from the River

1 Words from the Riverbank
2 End of Year Contribution to RBN?
3 Reminder about  January 28, 2023 Restoration Gathering

Dear River Neighbors,
During a recent Riverbank work day, we asked people to write down a few words about their experience. Here are some of those thoughts.
The bank offered a COVID respite. Now it renews my spirit. A piece of wild off Western Ave.
Ken C
The riverbank helped nourish us when we retreated into our COVID cocoon.
Dave W
The playful ducks provide entertainment for the little explorers.
Brad A
Pulling nightshade, the soil seemed ready to give it up.
P. B
The aster blooms mixed with seeds and milkweed pods bursting bring beauty and joy. I love the wildness of this place.
Megan H
It feels like many things I care about have burned up. I hope everything beautiful rises from the ashes.
It felt nice to return some of the care needed to maintain paths that have been peaceful to walk with my kids.
The riverbank often gets described as not feeling like the city. I think it feels like what the city could feel like if it was built around the health of people and nature instead of cars and business.
Riverbank is a good place for our children. They play together, enjoy the weather, learn about plants and insects, and observe the adult activities. This is a great natural place where we all share and  learn together.
Riverbank es el perfecto lugar para nuestros ninos. Ellos pueden jugar juntos, disfruten del invierno, aprendiendo sobre plantas e insectos, observando a los adultos trabajan. Este es una hermosa area natural en donde todos compartimos y aprendemos juntos.
Ana L

If you are able, please consider making a contribution to Riverbank Neighbors work,
by writing a tax deductible check to :

Friends of the Chicago River / Riverbank Neighbors
411 S. Wells St. #800
Chicago, IL 60607
Attn: Amy Comstock

January 28, 2023, Save the Date
Please remember to mark the date : 
Saturday, January 28, 
10:00 -1:00 
at Sulzer Library 
for our symposium & celebration. We want to uplift the 30 years of organizing and restoration by Riverbank Neighbors and Waters Ecology. We also want to honor and recognize others who have restored other parcels of land, to create a haven for birds and insects and animals, including humans. The idea of connecting isolated fragmented restorations may be the main theme of this gathering. If you are interested in helping to plan this event please drop us a note.
RBN Stewards