Chicago River Day this Saturday

This Saturday is Chicago River Day, our community group, Riverbank Neighbors, will join dozens of other sites around the city to give some loving care and attention to our river and bank. We start at 9:00 and end at 12:00 sharing food at Berteau and the River. This is a great day for neighbors new and old to join together to enjoy the beauty of nature and learn how to care for our earth. (meet at Berteau and the east side of the river…)

We will be woodchipping the paths; weeding; and going for a wildflower walk.

Please bring: a waterbottle for yourself or food or healthy drinks to share after the workday or a little optional donation for the pizza money. thanks! Riverbank Stewards

PS. Seeking Riverbank Waterers: At Waters Garden, there are the Waters Waterers who, for many years, each keep the garden watered one day of the week. These are peaceful folk, some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. They keep the garden alive through dry times. We also have Riverbank Waterers, but need to get a bit more organized and need more good people to join in the watering. We installed a whole number of new plants this Spring, hoping for cool weather and rain to get them started. We got the cool weather, but not the rain. Is anyone available to “adopt” a section of the riverbank, to monitor and water as needed? Please let us know so that no one person has to do too much, and that we don’t lose these plants. Replies to this email go to multiple stewards who maintain the email list, or, alternatively, come to the riverbank and find us Saturday or other times and we can show you how to water. Waterers tell us that watering is a mediation in nature, that people thank them, that they meet the nicest people while watering. Thank you! and please thank them!

PSS To that end, a reminder that if you can afford to support Riverbank Neighbors with a donation to our work. Here’s the info about how to donate. Our gratitude to all who’ve donated over the years and to those who organized fundraisers and, of course, to our neighbors who support the work, protect the rare native ecosystem that we restored, who walk the path, keeping it tidy and protected, the community of Riverbank Neighbors, and the network of individuals in partner organizations, NeighborSpace, Friends of the Chicago River, Openlands, The Green Council, The North Branch Restoration Project, and Waters Garden/Ecology and many many kind neighbors far and wide.

Wild ginger blossom peeking out